A new perspective- Makena

As I was looking for ideas to describe my trip for my blog, I came upon a topic that was very interesting to me. The subject was to explain what I’ve learned about the chaperones guiding me through this trip, and how my perspectives have changed as I journeyed through Europe with them. This warmed my heart, because I truly have developed a love and care for my teachers and administrators. They feel like family. From this trip, I have learned so much more about each and every one of these individuals and I felt closer to them as the days continued. I have learned that Mr Nguyen, our religion teacher and campus minister, is still a child at heart. Mr. Nguyen has guided me through a lot of my struggles being a student. He has taught me so many important life lessons that inspire me to pass down his message, and more importantly the message of God, to all of my classmates and loved ones. However, at the same time, he can be so full of energy and relate to the students as if he was a teenager again, and I’ve never seen this before. It’s extremely funny actually, I tease him quite often about it. I have learned that Mrs. Zaleski, our school principal, is a fun and loving mama bear who really loves to support and guide in any way possible. I feel like I’ve always known Mrs. Zaleski in that way, but as she guided me through the streets of Bordeaux or even when I was taking an Advil on the nights where headaches are more prominent, she has become a mother figure to me. Mrs. Zaleski very much reminds me of how Saint Anne acted towards her daughter Mary. She is so caring and thoughtful of everyone, and she only wants the best. I have learned that Mr. K, our history and computer science teacher, loves to laugh and loves his family. Mr. K is such a funny individual and laughs at many things, which in return, make me laugh as well. I’ll catch him on the phone with his family often and that reminds me of how much I should love and show affection to my own family. I have learned that Sr. Leticia makes many jokes and is truly a caring individual. I wasn’t too familiar with Sr. Leticia at first, because I only saw her so often, but I’m so glad I got to spend time around her. I don’t think she knows she’s funny sometimes because she makes these jokes that truly make me happy without even noticing it. Sr. Leticia really cares for all of us, even though she only sees us so often. Finally, I have learned that Sr. Ernestine, our school president, is famous almost everywhere she goes and has a smile that can brighten any room. Sr. Ernestine has many connections that have given me so many privileges that I am so grateful for and provides me with only the best, while still keeping me humble and full of the presence of God. Not to mention her smile and her comforting touch that brings me back to Earth on days I am way up in the sky. Sr. Ernestine has worked so hard for us, along with all of the administrators and staff, and I am extremely thankful. Learning about the chaperones of this trip has been a blessing, and I’m intrigued to see how these new perspectives will change how I interact with them at school and beyond. God has put me together with these mentors for a reason, and I’m glad to see this reason unfold as the years go by and as I continue my journey as a student in high school.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! Especially with regards to Sr. Ernestine. She is a ray of light no matter where she goes. She is special to everyone she comes in contact with. You are right, she works so hard and cares more about St. Jeanne’s students then they will ever know. God bless you all.

  2. Yes, you are so blessed to have these wonderful adults in your life to journey with you throughout high school. Too many teens lack solid adult mentoring and you are all so very, very blessed to have these wonderful men and women to go to.
    Mrs. Brown

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