Carcassone Colin Stokes

On March 23rd we started to make our journey from the wonderful,inspirational, and beautiful city of Lourdes. We start to make our long 8 hour journey all the way to Barcelona. Luckily we were able to make a stop at the majestic walled city of Carcassone. At Carcassonne we learned a ton about different architecture techniques such as Roman and medieval styles. The walls and the city of Carcassonne mixed both of those techniques together to create one beautiful city. There were many techniques that they used in order to defend the city and the castle. There we learned about all of these different defense methods such as archer slits in the wall, moats, and draw bridges. To todays standard this city would be very small but it still it is quite a sight to see. I am very grateful to be able to take this pit stop on our long 8 hour bus ride. It was a very refreshing and educational experience for us to have and I am very thankful to be givin the opportunitie to do so.

-Colin Stokes

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  1. I bet seeing the medieval defenses of the castle was really interesting, helping make history come alive for you. That’s one of the best things about traveling.
    Mrs. Brown

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