Exploring Rome(Part 1)

For the past couple days, our group has graciously received the opportunity to explore the city of Rome, Italy. When we arrived here, we were immediately warned about pickpocketing. We were told that people called gypsies had a reputation of robbing and stealing from tourists. Most of us decided to wear our backpacks in front of us, and felt just a little bit safer. As we started to tour and walk around the city, it became easier to tell which people were acting sketchy around us, and to avoid them. As far as I know, none of us have been pick pocketed yet. Being in a big group with lots of wandering eyes does help to discourage thief’s attempts at robbery. Street vendors were a different problem. If you even looked at what they were selling, they would be all over you. The most successful street vendors, were the ones who didn’t try to smother you with merchandise. If buyers have time to decide, they are more likely to buy. Overall it was always safer to buy from an actual store. Because with street vendors, there was always a chance of them trying to scam or pickpocket you. But the overall vibes of the city were friendly.


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  1. Pickpockets and overzealous vendors and merchants are an unfortunate occupational hazard of traveling. It’s nice when you can be warned ahead of time what to expect and how to avoid becoming a victim. It’s awful that on a pilgrimage you have to be so wary of others, when your heart is so open to new experiences and new people. I’m glad you were all safe.
    Mrs. Brown

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