Good morning Rome (3/29)

I woke up to go to church with everyone including the Sisters that live here in Italy it now has been my third mass here in Rome as well as our last day of the city. We are going to a different part of Italy tomorrow morning called Assisi. When mass ended we presented gifts to the Sisters for there hospitality caring heart during that same time we presented a check that was a total amount of 2,000 dollars raised from the goat and cheese fundraiser the FFA chapter did. Sisters were extremely grateful for their gifts which we got them a nun run water bottle we have been passing them all around Europe to most of the Sisters who have been very hospitable toward us. After the gifts we’re passed out it was time to eat breakfast the food was delicious with all breads and juices. We later had a few hours to do homework before we got to see the Spanish Steps, Pigna, Trevi Fountain and some of the churches. Today was like yesterday an easy simple day walking around Rome and visiting and eating at new places.

Natalia Negrete

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