A City of Wonder

The city of Roma (Rome) is a city of unbelievable beauty, architecture, art, and people. With the Vatican church at its center, Rome is an ancient city surrounded my modern society. Every street corner has some resemblance or sign of the city than fell long ago, making the journey that much more exciting. The ancient Romans society had an unalienable amount of pacience with their sculpture work, art, and architecture. The detail in the sculptrures of the Holy Mary, Saint Francis, and all the major well known saints including Saint Peter, are seen around every street corner and surrounded the walls of every small church or chapel. However, though the artwork which engulfs the city is unbelievable and eye catching to any tourist catching a glimps, my favorite part of Rome has to be the system and people of the magnificent city. There are fountains randomly placed around the street corner, and the cars are smaller to fit the slim streets. I think my favorite part of Rome is how their is a Vatican City self sufficient and desperate of Rome, governed by the Pope. Things I can see in Rome are unbelievable when compared to any city back at home, making me want to stay. There was even a hotel called the “CIA”.The scariest part of Rome is the amount of motorcycles and cars, but how I’ve only seen one gas station in the city. I love Rome and never want to leave, this pilgrimage was worth the while, and I can’t wait to give my family the gifts and share the experiences I’ve gained, but regret only buying two things for myself. If I ever come back, I’ll actually buy a shirt that says Rome, but that’s a worry for the next day. Can’t wait to get home.

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