Today was our last day on our amazing and faithful pilgrimage. We ended this trip by going to Assisi the place where St. Francis heard the voice of God telling him to rebuild the church and where he founded the Fransicans. This was one of the most beautiful and serene places we have visited on this trip. When we walked down to get to the old church where God spoke to Saint Francis I felt so peaceful and relaxed. I also loved the historical parts. Before coming to Assisi I thought that it was old but I never realized how old and historic this place was. I was informed on our walk through the city that many of the buildings were never restored. This amazed me! During our walk I also learned that things may not always go your way, for example, I tried to do a little bit of shopping and I was suprised when my card did not work, I was so sad because I really liked the stuff I found but, this experience taught me that I don’t need material things because shortly after this experience I was greeted by all my friends (not to mention I realized that I was in the place and I don’t need material things to remember the best moments) who made me feel much better. Assisi was truly one of the most amazing and serene places we have ventured to on this pilgrimage.


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