Colin in Rome-The Pope

Coming to Rome we have been able to experience so many different things although there are so many more things to do that we can’t for restrictions on time. One of the best experiences I have had in Rome is being able to see the Pope. We visited the Vatican where the Pope and other Priests were preaching scripture. After about an hour of this the Pope started talking and gave a papal blessing to all of the thousands of people that were present at the meeting. This was truly a great experience and although we couldn’t really understand the people that were talking because it was in different languages it was still a special and great experience for not all people are able to do things like seeing the pope. I felt as though this was a great experience and I am extremely grateful for being able to attend such an event. It is a very special experience and if you every get the chance you should try to attend one of these events for it was very inspirational towards me.

-Colin Stokes

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