Colins first day in Spain

On March 24th we had our first day in Spain where we got to attend mass in the church titled la Sagrada Familia, which is a lovely Church that is very grand and ornate. With extremely luck we were able to be in the front row seats of the mass that had a little over a thousand people in atendance. We were very lucky to be able to have this oppurtunity to attend this mass and especially the fact that we were able to get in early and get into the best seats available. Even better the deacon was actually the person celebrating the mass which made it an even better and more special of an experience for us to have. It is a very beautiful church that is dedicated to the holy family. I am very grateful to have had the oppurtunity to attend mass in this specific church.

-Colin Stokes

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  1. I’m curious why you felt the deacon celebrating mass made it better. Is there a story there?
    Mrs. Brown

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