Day in Assisi

Today started pretty early at 6:30 am for breakfast. Today was the day we made the three hour travel to Assisi, Italy. We did stop in a small medieval village called Orvieto, this little city was gorgeous. Orvieto sits high up on a mountain top. City’s were built like that to make sure they can see the enemy coming. We stoped here so that sister could visit with some other sisters and so that we had another place to see. We didn’t stay here very long because we did have to get to Assisi. In Orvieto we also had some time to walk around to the little shops, which majority of them were ceramic shops since that is what Orvieto is famous for, I did buy a little ceramic thing for my dad, nothing too big that I couldn’t travel across the world with. I would say we stayed in this town for a hour and a half not long. As we continued our bus ride we got to see the italian countryside which is the most amazing and beautiful thing in the entire world. It’s vibrant greens and purples and the darkness of the tree trunks that make the italian countryside absolutely gorgeous. When we arrived in Assisi we had to walk and walk and walk until we finally reached the church that had Saint Francis’s tomb. The church where he lies has 3 churches to it. The bottom one has the body of Saint Francis, the middle one and the top one have fabulous artwork. After this church we went on walking and stopped for some gelato (side note I have had way to much gelato in Italy) and a souvenir break. I got lots of things in Assisi for my family and I hope they like them. After that we went to the church where the body of Saint Clare, and original follower of Francis, still remains intact and has yet to decay. Seeing Saint Clare’s body to me is proof, proof that God is real. This was eye opening. I thought to myself God wanted us to see her, she lived a life filled with holy spirit and her body did not decay. If this isn’t proof what is? Overall this day was hard and long but meaningful and I will cherish it for as long as I shall live.


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