Exploring Italy(part 2)

Today in Italy, we traveled to Assisi. We got on a private bus which was a nice change from public transit. We traveled out of the city and took the senic route. For most of the ride most of us took naps and listened to music. We then stopped at Orvieto to see the sights and to enjoy the beautiful view. As we walked through Orvieto walked on the side of the skinny road as drivers sped bye in there small cars. After leaving Orvieto we got back on the bus and slept some more along to some chill music. As we arrived at Assisi, we stopped down the hill to eat. Me and Mare decided to eat together as non-meat eaters. A problem occurred when we found out almost no restraunts took card. We finally found a pizza place at the end of the block that took card, and ended up eating while walking. We finally arrived at Assisi and walked through the town enjoying the history of the city. After that we got our final shopping time and then went back to the hospitality center.


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