Living in the moment – Makena

I think there is something so sentimental about living in a moment. Throughout this trip I’ve been trying hard to stay away from my phone, and sometimes I forget to take pictures. That can be helpful when trying to disconnect, but it comes at a disadvantage in the future when trying to remember what happened on such an impactful trip. I much more enjoy taking Polaroid pictures so I made sure to save all of my Polaroid film for Rome, my favorite place ever, so that I’ll remember that memory every time I glance at my photo wall. However, even though these pictures and these memories on paper and digitally will be around for as long as I want them to, nothing can replace the beauty of absorbing a city or a monument when it’s right in front of me. It almost seems incredulous looking at a piece of art through the lenses of a camera, rather than putting it down and seeing it right in front of me. This trip has taught me a lot about living in the moment. I have told myself to put my phone down many times, not only to learn to be independent, but to fully understand that this may be the one and only chance I have. I think I can connect this to a bigger as well. This trip has taught me how to be present in life and in the moment, rather than dwelling on the future for too long. I struggle with this because I’m always reaching for new goals or stressing about the ones I’m aiming to accomplish. “Let go, let God” is a phrase my religion teacher tells me constantly when I ask for guidance, and sometimes I accidentally brush it off knowing I have more in my life to deal with. Even though life may seem like its ending in a moment and that I’ll never make it back up to the surface, God will always be there for me. By journeying on this trip I have understood that I need to learn how to fully trust God to become the person he wants me to be. I can inspire others to do the same with a stronger foundation, and this is my ultimate goal.

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