Orvieto and Assisi

Today, we ventured out in Orvieto and Assisi. Orvieto was a small little Pinocchio town which had many ceramics. We visited some sisters there for a little while, and I wish we could’ve stayed longer. We saw a gorgeous church that on the outside, had the full story of Jesus. Sister Ernestine said that because of its position in the west, the best time of day to see it was during the sunset. We came during the morning so I was a little bit sad that I didn’t see it in it’s full beauty, but regardless, it was still pretty. It took quite a while to find a gelato place, but in the end we found one and it was delicious. We then made our way to Assisi which was a one and a half hour bus drive from Orvieto. I slept the whole way but I did catch some glimpses of the beautiful Italian countryside. We were supposed to visit the church where Saint Francis would go to pray, but because it was lunchtime, it was closed. We stopped to get some lunch, and it was quite an experience. We only had a certain amount of time so it was quite frantic. We passed by many lunch places that either didn’t allow takeout, or that only accepted Euros, so we ran back and forth across the town trying to look for food. My friends and I shared a margherita pizza, and it was different from the ones i’ve had. I’m just happy we came across that restaurant for food. We visited Saint Francis’ tomb, the cross that spoke to him, Saint Claire’s tomb, and many churches. Seeing Saint Claire’s tomb was surreal to me because her body was still in tact. I have never seen anything like it and it will be something I remember for the rest of my life. While I was looking at the cross that spoke to Saint Francis, I prayed to God that he might speak to me someday too. We made our way to San Damiano, the church where the cross spoke to Saint Francis, but Sister Ernestine decided that we wouldn’t make it in time for mass back in Rome. Saint Francis is one of the Saints that I admire the most. His love for God and for the nature around him is astounding. My mom’s favorite prayer was his song, “Make me a Channel of Your Peace” so I grew up having a great love for everything he stood for. Walking in his footsteps was something that I never thought that i’d be able to experience, but I am so grateful that I did. Now we are on the road back to Rome to go to church and eat dinner. After, we will be packing and resting for an early flight back home.


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  1. “The Prayer of St. Francis” is one of my favorite songs, too. Lots of history with that song and memories of my grandmother.
    Mrs. Brown

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