Our Last Day in Italy

Today is the final day of our pilgrimage. We began the day with a trip to Orvieto, a small medieval village located in the scenic wine country of Italy. Upon arriving, we surveyed the beautiful cobblestone city and admired the intricate architecture of the ancient cathedral located in the center of the town. After seeing this amazing ancient town, we continued our journey until we arrived at the hometown city of St. Francis, Assisi.  When we arrived in the beautiful town of Assisi located on the top of a scenic Italian hill, we toured the amazing Basílica that crowns the town. The Basilica is quite simply designed with frescos representing Saint Francis throughout his life. The simplicity of this church’s design in comparison to many of the ancient churches of Rome reflects the simple lifestyle that the Franciscans stand for. The tomb of Saint Francis is located below the Basílica in a small underground chapel decorated with intricate wooden designs. After touring the Basílica, we journeyed through the little city of Assisi. Similar to Orvieto, Assisi is covered in ancient cobblestone and architecture. After studying this ancient city in order to better understand the life of St. Francis of Assisi, we departed back to the hotel. Over the course of experiencing the architecture and layout of several of the small medieval towns that can be found all over Italy, I was amazed by how long these towns have stayed untouched by the ever changing outside world. 


The view from the beautiful Cathedral of Assisi

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