Pilgrimage 2019- Eternal City

Coming here to Rome, I expected my experience to be very similar to my last visit here. My family and I were very rushed trying see every site we possibly could; however, we were only able to see a limited amount. That’s why I was so excited once I found out one of our destinations was Rome; so that perhaps I would be able to view more cites that I missed.

When we first arrived at the Eternal City, I felt right at home. All the sisters here welcomed us as if they’d known us their whole lives. The first night, we took a tour around their museum that captivates Saint Jeanne’s impact on Italy and Europe as a whole. The next day, we dressed in our formal uniforms and went to the mass that Pope Francis celebrated. We were fortunate enough to get his blessing on us and on all our objects that we brought to be blessed by him as well. After the mass, we went inside Saint Peter’s Basilica and enjoyed its great detail, beauty, and presence of God. Following the basilica was our tour of the Vatican’s beautiful private library, which is hardly ever seen by anyone. The fact that the officials accepted us into the library shows me that God is truly present in making this pilgrimage the best possible experience for my classmates and myself.


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  1. God IS present, especially in the every-day, the routine, the mundane. He is present even when we don’t realize it. Pilgrimage helps make his everyday presence feel more real, and that is a beautiful opportunity.
    Mrs. Brown

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