Pilgrimage 2019- The Last Day

Today marked our very last day of our 2019 Pilgrimage. It brings both sadness and joy to my conscience; sadness because it is an end to a milestone in my faith journey and joy because I get to share my moving experiences to my loved ones back in California.

We started off the day early in the morning in order to get as much as we could done. Our first destination was Oviento: a small village with a beautiful cathedral called the Duomo in its heart. We spent about an hour-and-a-half here until we left for the last and final destination in our study trip: Assisi.

Once we finally reached Assisi, our group wasted no time and we immediately began our ascension up toward the city. The first and most important cite we visited was Saint Francis’s tomb. We viewed the simplicity of the tomb, which was very significant for me because it taught me true humility in my life. It inspired me to have a humble death like him so that my eternal life could be more extravagant than anything on this Earth. After viewing this tomb, our group went upstairs to the basilica on top of the original church. This basilica depicted more of Saint Francis’s modesty through its fiascos throughout its walls. The last cite was The tomb of Saint Clara in her own basilica. This cite greatly affected me because her body is completely uncorrupted to this day, which is a sign of her holiness. She inspires me to try as hard as I can to follow in her footsteps to perhaps reach that same fate. We ended the night with a liturgy of this sunday’s readings and by reflecting over everything that was done during our pilgrimage.


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