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Today, we were woken up to such a delightful breakfast as always. I had to make sure i ate enough for the whole trip because we would be traveling to Así Así, which was 3 hours away from where we’re staying. Because of confusing for how long we are staying, we had to move downstairs to and we would be sleeping fhere for one last. We wouldn not get the much sleep anyways due to flying at 6:30 to Amsterdam, but that was okay. Through bus, we traveled 2 hours to Orvieto. Oriveto was a small village that had great food as well as a Cathedral that was famous for its dome. However, we couldn’t enter because it was closed. Once we got our food, we were headed off to Así Así. Once we arrived, we toured backwards of St. Francis’ life. We started off when he died, then when he was called to serve God, and then the place where he grew up. We couldn’t travel the whole thing because we wouldn’t make it back on time for the bus. Once we finished, we went back home, went to church to celebrate mass, and finally, had a delicious dinner. This concludes day 13.

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