The Pope

It is our second day in Rome and we had the privilege of being in the Papal audience. We had to wake up around 6:45 because we had to go on the bus around 7:30 am. The bus ride to Saint Peters Basilica took about an hour since we had to make many stops since we were riding on the bus. Once we arrived at the basilica we had to go through security to get inside. After everyone got through security we found seats and sat down to listen to the Pope. The Pope gave a nice homily about forgiveness and we got to pray the Our Father with everyone who was in the basilica. After the audience we got to go inside the basilica to look at statues and paintings and even go down to where the catacombs where to see where Saint Peter is buried. After the audience we had the chance to go visit the archives which has never had a tour group since it has tight rules about only letting in scholars and not tourists. Although we couldn’t take pictures the frescos on the walls were stunning, they were so detailed it was really beautiful. Our tour guide was actually a Francesican sister who is from Assisi. It was a great experience and being the only tour group makes it even better. After touring we went to a church where we met up with Mr. Crisells son who is currently there studying. We also met up with people who are from an organization who helps the poor and we got the chance to talk with them. After spending some time talking they led us to a very good restaurant as a way to end the great day.

Alexia Gonzales

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  1. Huauuu mami what an amazing experience that you guys had the privilege to see saint Peter’s tomb.

  2. I heard you were able to meet up with Mr. Crisell’s son in Rome. What a treat! I’m terribly jealous you were able to access the Vatican libraries–I have heard it is very restricted, so that truly is a unique experience. And, to be able to be in a papal audience is such a blessed experience.
    Mrs. Brown

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