Ancient Rome

After visiting Saint Peters we got to visit Ancient Rome. It was one of our easy days according to sister and to be honest it really was. We were allowed to sleep in and get some homework done and eat breakfast in the pace that we wanted to. After getting ready we headed to the bus which would take us to a piazza called piazza de Venezia. In the piazza there was an enormous monument that was made as a symbol that Italy had officially become a united country after being separate regions. After walking and taking pictures we went walking by a lot that was filled with ruins. Kaitlyn actually said the creed in front of the ruins while wearing her FFA shirt. After seeing the ruins we went by the Roman Forum where Saint Peter was held a prisoner in his time. To be able to see where Saint Peter was held was soemthing very special to witness. While inside the prison we also got to see where the guards slammed Peter so hard against the wall that you can see his face imprinted on the wall. When we finished touring the prison we walked to the Colosseum which wasn’t very far. Although I’ve been to Rome before and have seen the Colosseum, the structure still amazes me. We got to take some pictures and then we went to a church that was nearby. We were given about an hour and a half to get lunch and shop; in that time I had some pasta and of course some gelato. I bought some sovenirs and then met up with the rest of the group. After lunch we headed back to the Villa where we were staying at and did some more homework until around 6:30pm which is when we later went to go eat some dinner.

Alexia Gonzales

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