Assisi ~ Tommy

Today, our pilgrimage took us to the far reaches of the Italian countryside, Assisi. We started with a great breakfast provided by the Sisters of the Company of Mary, and then headed out to Assisi! But we didn’t make a straight shot there, we made some small stops along the way too! For instance, the first stop we made was Orvieto. A small medieval town on the way to Assisi that was a big Christian waypoint. A large attraction in Orvieto is the Duomo, a magnificent masterpiece of Christian architecture. Although we didn’t get much time to explore, this is yet another city that is added to my bucket list. After another short bus ride, we made it to the little village outside of Assisi. We broke for lunch here while we were soaking up the beautiful sun. Finally, after hours and hours of anticipation we finally made it to Assisi, which is the most beautiful city I have ever seen. The city itself is a modern medieval gem, but the best part is the rolling hills that coat the surrounding valleys with their beauty. Between several churches, and several gelatos, Assisi is yet another city to be added to my bucket list of ripe towns to revisit on my next trip!

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