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March 31

Currently it’s 12:43p.m and I’m on the plane heading out from Netherlands. It’s going to be I think about a 11hr flight back to LAX and I’m so tired. I have been up since 2a.m. Everyone is so tired right now. We got to the first airport at about 3a.m and checked in, went through security ect. We approached our gate and Mrs. Zaleski and Mr. Nguyen gave us instructions to walk around to get some food, drinks or last minute little things. The airport had stores and little cafes so I walked around with a group of my friends to find some snacks and to burn time before it was time to board. Honestly I was happy to go home and see my  family and friends but I did not feel home sick or anything overall felt really comfortable in Europe. Experiencing different cultures and meetings new sisters and students all around Europe was really nice. Everyone was so hospitable and generous. The food was so delicious and having gelato almost everyday was even more amazing. I personally think the overall trip was a great experience and I’m very great full. Going to an Italian mass and getting to be yet so close to the Pope was a dream come true, getting closer to God and connecting with other people that I don’t usually talk to was great. Europe has been an opportunity that has turned into a blessing that I was one of a few to experience what we experienced in 2 weeks.

Natalia Negrete

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