My overall experience of Italy was amazing. I visited a lot of places, such as St. Peter’s Basilica, filled with its beautiful architecture. I circled around the basilica five times, looking at its design and faith. There were many souvenir shops and places to pray. As I walked through the streets of Rome, I saw many sights that caught my eye. There were streets that were narrow, and the buildings were full of history. Many gelato (ice cream) shops were on every block. I tried delicious flavors and ate a lot of the sweetness every day. Visiting the city for the second time gave me a blessing to experience everything again with a new environment. My classmates and I visited a lot of churches and glanced at its faithfulness in their walls. The sisters were very kind in welcoming us into our hotel. They provided us with delicious breakfast every day, and they prayed with us with faith and unity, even though I could not speak the same language as them. Assisi was full of awe-inspired places of St. Francis. My classmates and I prayed and reflected on the trip and its moments. Italy fulfilled my trip with excitement and reflection.

St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy


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