Italy 2019

March 30

It’s our last day in Europe and I can’t imagine leaving. This whole trip has been an amazing experience. Although it was way more different than I expected it to be, currently on our way to Assisi, Italy so see some churches and walk around the town. It was about a total of two-hours. I sat by myself so I can get some sleep because I was so tired from the previous day, when we started driving the scenery was so beautiful. All the green hills and blue sky was so perfect as we drove by. Watching all the cars and trees pass by I slowly fell asleep to my playlist I was listening to as well and woke up to Sister Saying over the microphone we will be there in five minutes. As we approach the parking lot I prepare my stuff to get ready we eventually walk around and see some churches and stop to browse around some stores and eat some gelato. When it hits 4:30 p.m we go back to the bus and head back to wear we are staying to make our reservation for dinner at 7:30 p.m and have our prayer reflection in the chapel after dinner where we were staying. Mr. Nguyen told the gospel since we didn’t have time to go to church and after that we reflected the meaning behind it and the overall pilgrimage experience. As we said our goodbyes to the sisters we walked out of the chapel and prepared our luggage to head to the airport in the morning.

Natalia Negrete

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