Saying Goodbye- Colin Stokes

As we are ending our days in Europe we say goodbye to the extremely hospitable sisters that graciously gave us a place to stay in in Rome. I am grateful for all of the sisters that we met along our journey in Europe for their hospitality and selflessness. In the morning we have to wake up at 2 in the morning and we start to head our way to the airport to start heading home. After a while we finally arrive at our first airport of the day. We wait patiently until we load into the plane and take off. As we take off we say our final goodbyes to Rome and start heading our way to the next airport located in Amsterdam. After the two hour flight we arrive at Amsterdam and start waiting for the plane to be ready to board. As we are waiting I think of three things that I want to happens. One I want to not have to go on this dreadful 12 hour flight. Two I want to be able to stay and take in more of the amazingly beautiful views located in Europe. And last but certainly not least I just want to get home and take the longest power nap of the century.

-Colin Stokes

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