The Journey Home

Our journey back to LAX was one filled with immense fatigue and exhaustion. After arriving back at the hotel from our final adventure in Assisi, everyone was exhausted. Nevertheless, we had to leave for the Airport at 3 am, thus, we only were allowed a few hours of sleep before departing. After his inadequate amount of sleep, we drearily boarded a bus that that transported us to the airport. We waited in line to check our bags for what seemed like eternity, but passed through security without any problems. I was able to catch a small portion of sleep while waiting at the gate before I boarded the plane to Amsterdam with my fellow tired pilgrims. The moment I sat down in my seat in the plane I immediately fell fast asleep and did not awake until we had arrived in Amsterdam. Upon arriving we walked across the airport to our gate and waited for boarding to start. After several hours of recuperation, we pilgrims departed for Los Angeles International Airport. The flight was quite uneventful. I used it to rest and sleep. Despite the 10 hours it took to arrive in Los Angeles, the flight seemed to pass by considerably faster then the flight to Paris. After arriving and passing though customs, I was overcome by exhaustion. Overall the pilgrimage has helped me grow in knowledge of my Catholic Heritage. This knowledge has helped me understand the rich legacy the Catholic Church contains through physical architecture.


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