2019 pilgrimage reflection

This trip was truly an amazing experience for me personally. I have grown closer to God and and made so many memories that will last a lifetime. I am so appreciative that I got this experience and that I got to learn the history of all the places we went to. It was a very exhausting experience and although we came back to our rooms dead tired most nights I would do it all again for the strength in God that I found. The memories that I made with people always made the days worth it no matter how tired I was, there were so many times that I laughed so hard my stomach hurt and also times that I felt so close to God. I will never forget the bus rides, the 11 hour flights, and riding on the pubic buses. It means so much to me that I spent this amazing experience with people who are like family to me because they made me feel safe even though I was away from my family. I am thankful for the chaperones who dealt with me for the two weeks. Thank you so much to everyone who made this trip possible, I will never forget what I have learned and experienced on this trip.

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