An Eventful Return

Walking an average of 8 miles a day, and lugging around a backpack through the streets of Rome, Italy, and France is nothing compared to a 13 and 2-hour flight back to back. The trip home was an amusing one, which for me has to be one of the most memorable moments this whole trip. It all started with a complicated evening the day before. The night before our departure, all the boys had to abandon our 5-star hotel-rooms (of 2-4 guys per room), and shift into a single dorm-like room on the basement level of the hotel. Everyone had to share a bunk bed, and being the last to get in, I ended up getting the top bunk with Robbie on Bottom. However, the frame didn’t seem up to mark to carry a 6’2″ man-child so I switched with Robbie to prevent any “casualties”. We were all inside and settled by 10:15, but we had to be outside and on the bus by 3 in the morning, so sleeping only 4 hours wasn’t too appealing. But it wasn’t even 4 hours, there was a time-change in Europe (where we lost an hour) that threw everyone’s alarm clock off an hour. By the time I woke up, everyone was scrambling around and running outside, when I was out of bed, only 5 out of 14 guys were left in the room. So with a rough night, morning, and skipping breakfast, we were all jolly little campers in the airport waiting for our tickets. When I could finally determine left from right, I noticed that Noah, one of my classmates, was a disoriented and about to fall asleep while standing up. So, being me, I gave him some headphones to share, and we listened to my dad’s hard-rock playlist while waiting in line. It was fun, well it was until I got stopped by security twice and spent 3 Euro on a sip of orange juice. I’m starting to think that Europeans don’t like tourist? Anyhow, we started our departure with a 2 hour flight from Rome to Holand Amsterdam, where apparently more than half of my class always wanted to visit. plenty of us were able to make-up some gift buying we forgot to do in Rome, and some were able to buy flowers. Never thought buying flowers in an airport would be a thing. The second flight from Holand to LAX was over 13 hours long, and everyone was divided up with the crowd to very few of us sat next to another classmate. Luckly, I was able to sit next to a close friend whom I was able to bond with on the way back home, and complete some homework I forgot to do on the trip. But all in all, it was a good-time going home, kinda wish to go to Europe and back just for the flight, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

—Jeremy Minniear

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