Company of Mary

My first real adventure began when we arrived at the convent in Bordeaux where the Company of Mary Sisters lived. This order of Sisters was founded by Jeanne de Lestonnac over 400 years ago. The Order’s mission was to see each person as a unique individual and create an education around them. The convent looked like a stone, older dormatory in a city overcrowded with buildings. When I reached my room, I took a look out my window. I had an amazing view of this enormous city. There were buildings everywhere and all of them were very old. We all had our own rooms. Mine was very simple with a bed, bathroom, a crucifix on the wall, and a small desk. It had wood floor, two windows, and a beam outside of my room that I accidentally ran in to. I think it was placed there to hold up the ceiling.

The Sisters were very sweet and I could feel the sense of community that they shared. They were so inviting and family like. I could tell that their belief and love of God was their greatest strength. It was wonderful to be a small part of St. Jeanne’s dream for just a small moment. I believe that everyone is a little bit more human because of her or her experiences.

-Anik Scherf 3/20/19

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