Emotions of Leaving Home

There are so many different emotions going on in my mind right now. I have literally counted the days until this new adventure would begin for me. I have researched and looked up so many pictures of the places we would be going and staying at. My first emotion was one of excitement. I was able to ride to the airport with two special people, Regina and Robbie. I then began to feel a little panicked. We were accidentally dropped at the wrong terminal. There was no one around that we recognized. Once we figured it out, we were able to walk to right one. On our walk to the correct terminal, we finally saw a familiar face. It was David and he was driving by laughing. I could only imagine what he was thinking. I’m guessing it was because we looked like lost and confused tourists with way too much luggage. We needed that laugh at that moment from him. I instantly felt relieved because I knew we were not going to be alone on this journey. This was going to be the first of many laughs.

As we were eagerly awaiting our flight, the time seemed to drag on forever. This made me totally stressed. By the time we actually got onto the plane, I realized there was no turning back and began focusing on the all of the things that we had in store for us. I told myself that I had to leave my worries behind, but this did not help me as far as sleeping was concerned. I did not sleep a wink. This journey was chosen for a reason and I’m hoping it will bring me happiness!

-Anik Scherf 3/19/19

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