Feelings of Flying Home

It’s the end of our trip and I’m not quite sure how I am feeling getting on the plane ride home. I have seemed to miss everything on this trip- the cuddling with my dog, the smell of my dad cooking dinner, the nightly hugs from my mom, and most of all the comfort of just being home. But I am also going to miss so many things from my travels- the happiness on Sister Ernastine’s face when she was reunited with her Sisters, the beautiful sights and sculptures, the unknown of where we were going next, the smells of croissants being made, and the feeling of being so close to God. I’m a little sad with how fast the trip flew by. I also think I’m feeling exhausted from our late night returns and early wake-ups.

Another reason, is that I seem somehow more grown-up and more independent from when I left. I was able to explore the world and somehow feel as though I am a different person because of it. I wonder if it is going to be strange returning to my old life where nothing has changed? I have so many stories to tell and so many incredible memories to share. My mind is still unsure of how I feel, however, it is not stopping me from wondering where I might travel to next!

-Anik Scherf

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