Never forget- Makena

I truly hasn’t sunk in that I’m flying home from the trip I’ve been awaiting since the beginning of the year. It felt like a lifetime waiting for this trip, and now it is slowly but surely coming to an end. However, I have learned that it’s better to dwell on the positives of a moment rather than awaiting the finish line. There have been so many positive and negative memories I have made on this trip, each of which have taught me an important life lesson. Meeting all of the sisters has empowered me so uniquely, in a sense that I have never seen individuals so passionate about their job and their faith. The Sisters of the Company of Mary are wonderful people and I’m so glad to have had the experience to meet more of the individuals that provide this education for me. Being able to live on my own and manage my own finances has been a very different experience and I have learned a lot about being an independent woman, and that it’s not as scary to be alone as it seems. However, I wasn’t always alone. I had my friends, my family, to help me through this experience. Through late nights, homework, bus rides, early mornings, different foods, souvenirs, and monuments galore, my fellow classmates were always been there for me. Each and every one of my classmates makes the day worth living, whether I’m in Europe or just at school. I’m so glad God has put me together with these remarkable individuals, because they genuinely teach me something new everyday, about not only myself but about life in general. None of this would be possible without my administrators, my mentors. They have given me the opportunity to tell my own story and to manage myself, while also keeping me on track and forgiving my mistakes. Their support and constant cheering in the stands of my life have changed me to be a better disciple of god. Of course there are moments where I was frustrated, where if I heard another one of my classmates voices for the hundredth time I might go crazy. There were moments where I cried and I laughed and where I deeply missed my family back home. What is life without these challenges though? This trip to Europe has taught me that I am allowed to fail, and that it is not the end of the world. This casual and temporary negativity I have faced has made me stronger in the knowledge of myself and in the way I am living. There is always room for improvement. Journeying to Europe to follow the footsteps of St. Jeanne, an empowering female educator I have spent almost my whole life dedicated to, and learning about my Catholic faith has made me that much closer to God and this improvement I have been longing for. This adventure of a lifetime has reached its stopping point, but the memories and life lessons made out of it will live in my heart forever. 

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