This pilgrimage was one of the best experiences of my life. Everything about the trip was amazing, all the people, all the places. I miss Europe already. There were so many beautiful places to go to like churches, historical monuments, all sorts of amazing things. As I am no longer in Europe I think over all of the amazing places and things that we did on this 2 week long trip. It does not even feel like it was 2 weeks worth, we did so many things and there were so many more to do. I miss Europe already and I want to go back and see the places that I could not. If you are able to get to go on a trip like this you can absolutely not turn this experience down. It was to amazing to let down. If you ever go to Rome or anywhere in Italy you must get gelato, pizza, and pasta it is some of the best food you will ever taste. I wish that I could go back to Europe and have different experiences that are similiar to the ones that we had.

-Colin Stokes

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