Pilgrimage 2019- Homecoming

I have finally returned home from my study trip in Europe along with my classmates. I don’t miss it as much as I thought I was, mostly because of the fact that I’m so excited to share my experience with my family and friends.

This study trip had definitely brought me closer to God in a very personal manner, as well as closer to my classmates. All the churches that we traveled to gave me time to pray for my needs to the Lord and they put me in a meditating state of mind.

I’ve gotten closer to my classmates as well. The suffering we went through together made us feel united as a community that understood each other’s pains. We would constantly motivate each other to ignore the pains in our bodies and to focus only on our goal at the time.

God told me this pilgrimage to first focus on myself before telling my other classmates what they should and shouldn’t do. This will make me a sign for them and to many more for years to come.


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