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Today, it would be our last day because we would be traveling all the way back to California. We all packed the night before really late, but we would need to wake up really early. Italy was also going through a time change, so sadly, we would lose an hour of sleep. We woke up at 3, and we were on our way to a long flight. We left the hotel at around 3:30, and the drive to the airport took one hour and our flight would leave at 6:30 to Amsterdam. The flight went by fast. Once we landed, it was around 10:00. Our next flight would take place at around 12:30. After waiting, we boarding the plane that would take around 12 hours to the United States. For some reason, most of our seats were spread apart in the plane. I didnt sit next to any classmates, but the one nearest to me was 5 seats to my right. Stranded, I spent most of my time sleeping and watching movies. We finally landed and I am very relieved about being home. I will miss europe but i think ill come back again. This concludes Reagan’s Blog Series

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