Rome ✈️ LA


Today, I woke up at 1:30 am (6:30 pm on 3/30 LA time) so we could catch our flight to Amsterdam at 6:30. After rallying the tired troops, we finally were able to leave at 3, because conveniently there was a time change at 2 am, to hop on our bus for the hour-long drive to the airport. As a whole, our group was moving extremely sluggishly, because after all we only got three hours of sleep and were not excited to leave our new little paradise one bit, but we did eventually make it through the baggage check, and then through security. Our first flight was short and sweet, from Rome, Italy to Amsterdam, the Netherlands in around two and a half hours. Originally, I was going to stay awake and read my Independent Reading book and write a blog, but instead, as soon as I sat down, in between Makayla and Mr. K, I passed out. I didn’t even realize we had taken off until after we landed in Amsterdam! Once we disembarked, we had to wait a few hours before our second and final flight of the day, Amsterdam to LAX. This flight, which I am currently on, is much longer, ten and a half hours to be exact! But our flight line, KLM, is a tenfold better compared to the airlines that we flew on our way to Europe. Anyways, I am going to catch a few hours of sleep, but will hopefully wake up to the sweet American air and indulge myself in a mouth-watering In-N-Out burger! I can’t wait.

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