Traveling Home

Yesterday we traveled from Rome, Italy back home to sweet Temecula, California. It was a super long day. Me and my friends didn’t sleep the night before we left because we left the place we were staying at 3 am to get to our 6:30 am flight to Amsterdam in the netherlands. This was also the morning of their time change. We arrived at the airport at around 4:30 am and had to stand in a very very long line to check in our luggage and when we go to check in the luggage we had to wait a long time because there was a luggage backup. After we checked our things in we went to our gate were I slept for a good 45 minutes. The we boarded the jumper plane to Amsterdam for our layover. The layover there was around 3 hours. We ate some food and just chilled. Then we boarded the plane for our 11 hour flight. Being the lucky person I am, I got to sit next to strangers. This was a long long flight and I was anxious to get home. When we finally landed we had to wait in the plane for a while since lots of planes has just landed. We finally got of and has to bus to the airport. When we got inside we had to wait in another long line for passport control, then we could finally get our bags and wait in another line called exit control. Yes exit control. Then I finally got to go see my family! Traveling is not the fun part of actually traveling.


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