3/29/19 Had’o lot’o Gelato

Today, we got to see more structures of Ancient Rome, but this time, we got to see the historical fountain and the Spanish Steps. These structures were way more crowded then the Coliseum and the other sights I saw yesterday, but in my opinion, they were kind of better to go to since it was free, and located in better locations to eat, shop, etc. My favorite sight was the fountain since it had huge statues that had lots of detail, and the fact that the coins that are thrown in the fountain get donated to the Catholic Church. To top the day off though, Sister Ernestine treated us all to the best gelato place in Rome. That feeling of walking all day and getting some really taste gelato to the end the day is a great feeling of relief, since we went back to the hotel and rested right after. This is what I did in today’s adventure.

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