Home Sweet Home

Well I am finally settled in at home here in Temecula, California. Yes, I did love seeing all the beautiful sites but home is home. Home is where my family is, it’s where my life is, so yes of course I did miss it. I finally got a good nights sleep in my own bed. I slept so good last night. So far jet lag has not really been affecting me, I did start getting tired around 3 but not to the point where I had to sleep. It’s now 7 and i’m pretty tired and think I will go to bed soon. Being away from home so long made me realize how lucky I am to have amazing parents and a great sister. Oh, and of course don’t forget my dogs I probably missed them the most. I have wanted to go to these places for a long time and I am so incredibly great full and thankful to my parents for sending me on this life changing and once in a lifetime opportunity trip. I truly had a great time with all of my friends and got to become more in touch with myself and God.


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