Miracles of Lourdes

One of the most interesting places that I went to visit was Lourdes. Lourdes is in France and is located in the foothills near the Pyrenees mountains. I have always heard that miracles are performed here and that many people from all over the world go here to visit and ask Mary for something special to happen in their lives. I never exactly knew why it was so miraculous until I spent the day there. The story behind the miracles is that in 1858, a young girl was visited by the Virgin Mary in a cave. As Mary appeared she healed the girl in its nearby waters. It is said to be a true miracle. To this day, millions of people visit this site hoping to be cured by drinking or taking a bath in it. These people, like our group, are also called pilgrims. Each of them in their own way are drawn together by their faith in hope of a miracle cure. I was able to choose whether or not to go into the water. I said yes. I then went into a waiting room where I got undressed and was wrapped in a wet towel. I was then dunked into the water for a blessing. The water was very cold and felt like normal water. As I left, I wondered if I would feel different or more holy. I did not feel different, but maybe this whole experience will make me a holier Catholic. I did ask Mary to deliver a special request from my Omi. I hope it comes true. She is the most devoted Catholic I know and I truly believe she is a saint.

Anik Scherf 3/21/19

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