Not Another Bus!

A bus is a road vehicle designed to carry many, many passengers. Some buses carry so many passengers that they added another deck on top. These are called a double-decker, just like a double-decker ice cream or hamburger, lol! Apparently, these intolerable vehicles are the best way to get around Europe. Why are they the best way to get around- because things in Europe are built so close together and the streets are so tight that there is no parking available. They are also supposedly faster than trains when it comes to a direct route and they are cheaper than a train or rail system. I guess if I had a drivers license I could understand. But since I don’t, I’ll share my displeasure of them. First of all, we seemed to have spent countless hours on them while in Europe. Sometimes the bus groups were by ourselves and at other times we were packed closely in with complete strangers. I’m not sure I enjoyed the drivers either. Who taught them to use the brakes so violently that I would fall into the person standing next to me? Why would they suddenly decide to drive so quickly with too many corners? Slow down Mr. Driver, I don’t want to die today! Also, the smell of constant cigarette smoke made me want to vomit. Another disturbing factor was how some of the public buses were so unclean. Thank goodness cleanliness was not a problem on the private coach buses. All in all, the bus experience was enlightening and an education in itself. With all my complaints put aside, if it wasn’t for this cheap traveling option we would have never gotten to where we needed to be.

-Anik Scherf 3/29/19

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