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This trip has been a blessing to remember. It all started in Bordeaux, France, where my classmates and I were welcomed by beautiful, loving sisters. The rooms were very comfortable, and my classmates and I had the privilege of having our own individual rooms. I had a fun and exciting time looking at the city’s unique buildings and amazing sights to see. Lourdes was a place of healing and reflection. Visiting Our Lady of Lourdes increased my faith in God because of its blessings upon it, such as the bath, rosary, holy water, and more. Carcassone was a place of Roman and Medieval history. It was obvious in its walls and the story it had. Its food was delicious and its ice cream was tasty. Barcelona amazed me with its beautiful buildings and students in the Company of Mary School. I enjoyed eating Taco Bell in another country! From the sweet gelato and amazing sights, I remember and cherish the moments of Italy. I saw the pope in Rome for the second time, which was incredible and an honorable blessing. Many churches were seen and reflected in as well. Assisi was nice because of its churches and the stories of St. Francis. I will never forget this wonderful blessing. Thank you and God Bless.


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  1. I’m so glad you were able to experience Rome and walk in the foot steps of St. Jeanne, our foundress and patron Saint. I pray that all of you will ponder and treasure these experiences you have in your heart. Also share your experiences with others. God bless you all and welcome home.
    Sr Zina

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