Visit To Briar Rose

"I am the Vine you are the branches." Just as Jesus used his surroundings to teach his disciples, so too our beautiful Temecula provides us with an open-air classroom with life lessons in so many ways.

On September 27 the high school students were hosted by Les and Dorian Linkogle owners of Briar Rose Winery to visit the vineyard to learn about the preparations for harvesting the grapes. The students learned how precise the sugar content has to be measured before the grapes can be picked. They also had the opportunity to pick a few grapes and see first hand why some survived the excessive summer heat and others did not. They learned of the beautiful history of the Mission vines brought from Spain by Saint Junipero Serra and that they are now found at Briar Rose.

The winery is less than a five minute drive from the school and a 15 minute walk. So on October 2nd and 3rd the Agriculture Biology students had the opportunity to return to the winery to see the next steps in processing grapes for wine production. The winemaker, Les, showed us totes with the following varietals: Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Tempranillo, and Malbec varietals harvested. In these totes the grapes, crushed, MOG removed (as much as possible) and destemmed, have yeast added, punched down and are undergoing fermentation. Students got the chance to "punchdown" the grapes. Then Les went on to talk about malolactic acid fermentation (next phase of the process), and how he discerns (testing for brix to be single digits using a hydrometer) when to begin that process. Students observed the brix testing and assisted in removing MOG from totes.

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